Answers to some common questions


Why should I join the club

Haven't you seen our photos? If you need more reasons, here are a couple


Who can go on a trip?

  • Club members are given priority on club trips.
  • Non-members may participate in club trips if there is space available, at the leader's discretion. If you would like to join a trip and you do not have membership, please contact the trip leader.

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What does it cost?

The ANUMC is a social club with most trips being run by volunteers who do not charge for their time. People who volunteer as drivers receive a fuel reimbursement roughly based on the number of kilometres travelled on the trip. All participants pay a share of this cost and this is normally organised by the trip leader. Similarly, costs for entry to Kosciuszko National Park and snow chains are split between trip participants. Information on these costs are available on the Driver reimbursement guideline page.

Occasionally we do hire external instructors to run courses for members. This is often at a discounted rate for students or members who actively contribute to the club.

How to join trips

A simple step-by-step guide

  1. Join the club
  2. Sign up to a cool trip on the trip calendar
  3. Attend the pre-trip meeting
  4. Hire gear from the gear-store (Thursday is your LAST CHANCE, don't forget)
  5. Don't be late for the trip
  6. Have an awesome time!
  7. Write an article for our magazine the EPIC
  8. Tell all your friends to join

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When is the free kayaking and climbing?

Every week! More info.

Help, there are no belay courses posted!

Belay courses are run by climbing officers during busy periods, usually at the start of semesters. If you don't see any belay courses you can either get in contact with a climbing wall officer or post on the ANUMC facebook page. The climbing wall officers are more likely to offer a course when there are a few keen people all ready to go.

There are no trips in my favourite activity

  • Ask the activity officer, or brainstorm some ideas on facebook. The club also has a large selection of guide books and maps in the gear store.
  • Lead your own trip! See this handy guide.

How do I contact activity officers

Politely. Contact details are here (requires login).

I'm not sure if I have the right gear

You should be able to hire most of the gear you need from the gear store. For other items like clothing or footwear, check with your trip leader at the pre-trip meeting. There is some advice about activity specific gear on the Activities pages and a general packing list.

Someone has asked me to be a Safety Contact for a trip, what's that?

If the person who nominated you is overdue to return from their trip, then you should contact someone on the ANUMC exec. They will make further enquiries using the information stored on the website and contact the authorities if necessary.