In preparation; likely to include:

  • How the club came to be established
  • Significant expeditions the club has undertaken (e.g. 1978 Dunagiri Expedition)
  • Members who had a high profile in the outdoors community or other endeavors
  • Awards the club has received (e.g. ANU Club of the Year in 2010)
  • Other significant events in the club's history, such as the building of the climbing walls, old and new logos, establishing the social media pages etc.

Hall of Fame

Established in 1999 the ANUMC Hall of Fame recognises outstanding personal contributions to the Club.  The award is represented by a wood handled ice axe which, back in the 1970s, was one of several in the ANUMC gearstore and was likely to have been used on various club mountaineering expeditions to New Zealand and Nepal.