ANU Mountaineering Club Membership

You need to be an ANU Sports and Recreation Association (SRA) member before becoming an ANUMC member.

SRA Membership

  • ANU Students (including post-graduate students) automatically have SRA membership.
  • Non-Students (including ANU staff) need to purchase SRA membership. If it's been more than 12 months since you last purchased SRA membership, you'll need to purchase a new membership. Some staff may want SRA membership via salary deduction - contact the SRA about this.

Purchasing SRA Membership ($120)

  • Enter in your details. Do not use spaces when entering phone numbers. If you already have an SRA member account, the website will prompt you to log into your account rather than filling out more details. In this case, log in, go to 'buy online' and select the relevant ANU membership product.
  • Enter in your bank details to pay for your SRA Membership.
  • You should receive an email letting you know that you now have a SRA Membership account and a current SRA Membership.

Purchasing ANUMC Membership

  • Go to
  • Select the image that says "CLICK HERE TO JOIN ONLINE"
  • Select 'login' at the top of the page and enter your details. Do not use spaces when entering phone numbers.
  • Select the 'Buy Online' tab and select 'memberships'
  • Select either Student ($50) or Non-student ($75) 

  • Leave the date of commencement of your membership as the default date. All memberships expire on the 31st December.

ANUMC website login

A website log in is required to sign up to or post trips. Once the committee receives the ANUMC membership details from the SRA (it takes about a week) a website account will be created/updated. New members will receive an email detailing how to sign in to the website and update personal details such as emergency contact information. 

Nevertheless, new members may create their own website account so they can sign up to trips as follows:

  • From the ANUMC website and select 'create a new account' on the left hand side of the page. 

  • Fill out the mandatory fields 

Note: The trip leader of any trip that you sign up to will be notified of your membership status. If you created your own account and the club has not yet receive notification that you are a paid member, your status will be 'non member'. In this case, the trip leader may ask for proof of membership (e.g. a confirmation email), otherwise they may remove you from the trip participant list.

ANUMC membership card

Membership cards are available from the gear store. This entitles you to discounts at many outdoors stores and is needed to get a belay pass (other forms of proof of membership are also okay).

Early Bird Specials

Members joining during O-week, are eligible for two free gear hire vouchers . These can be collected from the gear store, market day stall or come and try BBQ. A membership confirmation email will be required as proof of membership.

Special Membership Rates

ANUMC Committee Members. Committee members may apply to have their ANUMC membership reimbursed through the Treasurer. 

Valued Club Affiliate Members (VCAM) and Honorary Coaches. VCAMs and Honorary Coaches are eligible for subsidised SRA membership as follows:

  • Apply to the ANUMC Executive to be recognised as a VCAM or Honorary Coach
  • If approve, fill out the relevant forms and have them signed by the ANUMC President
  • Submit the form to the SRA and pay the reduce SRA membership fee
  • Once SRA membership is received purchase ANUMC membership.