Club Membership

    Applying for ANUMC membership is a three step process:
    • Purchase online ANUMC membership and ANU Sport Club Affiliation
    • Register for an ANUMC website login
    • Collect an ANUMC membership card

    Click here to purchase on-line membership

    ANUMC membership is open to:

    • ANU Students. Enrolled as ANU students.
    • Non-ANU Students. ANU alumni, graduates of a registered tertiary higher education provider, ANU staff, persons employed at ANU ACT campuses or club coaches.
    • Other-Associate. Persons who do not meet the eligibility criteria of the above categories. Other-associate membership requires approval by ANU Sport.

    Membership fees

    ANU Student $50  
    Non-ANU Student $195 Comprises $75 ANUMC membership + $120 ANU Sport Club Affiliation Fee
    Other Associate $195 Comprises $75 ANUMC membership + $120 ANU Sport Club Affiliation Fee

    ANU Sport Club Affiliation Reimbursement

    Non-ANU Students and Other Associate members joining multiple clubs, where the registration period overlaps, and/or have an active ANU Sport Membership may apply to ANU Sport to have a portion of their ANU Sport Club Affiliation Fee reimbursed. ANU Sport will provide a reimbursement pro-rated or each month that overlaps. The ANU Sport Club Affiliation reimbursement form can be downloaded here.

    ANUMC website login

    A website login is required to register for trips. The login is created automatically within a couple of weeks of purchasing online membership. New members will receive an email detailing how to sign in to the website and update their personal details. New members may also create their own website account by select 'create a new account' on the left of this web page. 

    ANUMC membership card

    Membership cards are available from the gear store. This entitles you to discounts at many outdoors stores and is needed to get a belay pass (other forms of proof of membership are also okay).