White Water Rescue and Safety Course

Buoyed on top of the frothed water by my life jacket, I counterintuitively rolled myself into the white water swimming position (on one's back, feet downstream and high in the water) and eyed off the approaching trunk stretched across the river. Seconds later I collided with it, losing some air as the strainer hit my chest. My body immediately bent around the obstacle, with my feet and lower body getting sucked under and my upper body being pushed over by the strength of the rapid.

Tigersnake Canyon, Newnes Plateau, Blue Mountains - Lead by Richard Salmons

On March 10 as part of the Blue Mountains Extravaganza, our carload (Mika, Colin, Floyd, Emma and myself) departed early for the drive to the Newnes Plateau to explore Tigersnake Canyon - a seldom-visited location.  It's far into the Newnes forest, but in fact only about the same driving time as Rocky Creek - just follow the Glowworm Tunnel Road and turn off to follow the Old Coach Road all the way to the end.  About 1 hour 15 mins from Blackheath.  The access trail in turn is well formed, about an hour from the car to the canyon start, and easy going.  The exit track comes into the trail o

2013 Memberships

The 2013 membership year starts 1 February. Existing members — your 2012 membership lasts until the end of the month, so please renew your membership sometime this month to keep it current. New members — you can join anytime from today onwards and your membership will last until 28 February 2014. For 2013, membership will cost $40 for students and $60 for non-students, or join for just $30 (students) or $50 (non-students) by signing up at Market Day (13 February) or the Welcome BBQ (20 February). More details on membership are available on the join the club page.

Welcome to the ANU Mountaineering Club

The Australian National University Mountaineering Club (ANUMC) is Canberra's largest and most active outdoor club. Trips are run by volunteers almost every weekend in a multitude of different activities and across all skill levels.

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And the Axe goes to...

Congratulations goes to Alana Wilkes who was awarded the ANUMC 'Axe', Hall of Fame at the 2012 Annual General Meeting and Awards Night.
Alana has been a member of the club since 2008 and has been the club's outstanding Secretary since 2009.

Alana started out as a bushwalker, but has since mastered the art of rolling a kayak, conquered the climbing wall (and the Castle), and donned skis on many occasions.