Mountain Biking

Most of us have a mountain bike of some form, possibly hiding away in the shed. One day, you finally get up the courage to join in on an ANUMC beginner’s mountain biking trip. And you’ll most probably be hooked… in a big way. 

It’s easy to get addicted to this sport, especially when Canberra is THE place for mountain biking. Mountain bikers around the country and overseas are often excited when they hear you are from Canberra! They want to talk to you about all the sweet trails that we are lucky enough to have in our backyard. ANUMC trips go to a variety of places – in both Canberra and NSW. Most trips are a day or a weekend, however mountain bike touring is a popular option.

  • Kowen Forest and Sparrow hill (past Queanbeyan) is a beginner’s mountain bike paradise – sweet smooth singletrack, and not too many hills
  • Mount Stromlo offers a few more challenges, some world class facilities, and fun for all levels!
  • Bruce Ridge means you can jump logs, rocks, and race down 'Pub Run' before class, after class, and during your lunch break – only 10 minutes by bike from ANU! 

There are more and more trails being built around NSW.

  • Bermagui and Tathra both have some fun trails and the club runs bike/beach combo weekend trips
  • Jindabyne offers a range of flowy and technical trails, with views of the lake and snow-capped mountains – decent mountain bikes for hire at Bungurra Alpine Centre too
  • Thredbo – for all you speed demons, Thredbo offers some of the best downhill runs around, as well as the hire of dual-suspension downhill bikes and all the protective gear you need to fly down the hill

Club members also enter endurance events such as the Mont 24 hour and Scott 24 hour races, usually in teams of 4 or 6. Participating in one of these is an amazing experience of skill building, camaraderie, sleep deprivation and crash courses in emergency bike repairs! The club even encourages such madness by helping with the entry fees! See competition funding on the funding page for more information on competition subsidies.