Hire rates

Only ANUMC members may hire gear and may be required to show their membership card when doing so. Trip participants are required to hire their own gear.

Hire rates for trips are very reasonable: you will pay no more than $15 for hire of all personal gear for a club trip — the club hires gear to club members for private trips, at the private trip gear hire rates and subject to availability after all gear requirements for club trips being satisfied. A deposit is required for all hires in addition to the hire rate. Please note the gear store currently accepts cash only, so you will need to bring enough cash to cover your hire and deposit. ATMs are available in the foyer near The Coffee Grounds cafe, and in Union Court.

All hires are subject to the gear hire rules.

Rates are charged based on whether the trip is club-run or private:


Club trips

These rates are for hire of gear for personal use on club trips (see below for group gear contribution rate).

Category Hire Rates Deposit
A $5 $20
B $10 $30
C $15 $50 ($100 for full trad climbing rack)
Category Gear
A Bedroll, synthetic sleeping bag, rain jacket, tarp, cheap car camping tent, snow pro, Trangia
B Climbing kit (i.e. harness, belay device, helmet, and shoes), canyoning kit (harness, helmet and belay device), down sleeping bag, ice axe, ice hammer, standard tent, mountaineering boots, crampons, backpack, skis only, ski boots only, poles only, bike panniers, bike rack, bike lights, food dehydrator, bouldering mat
C Full ski rig, full mountaineering kit, snow shoes and poles, snow tents, avalanche transceivers, full climbing rack

The hire and deposit rate for personal gear on club trips is determined by the most expensive category of gear hired, e.g. synthetic sleeping bag only (cat A) would be $5 hire and $15 deposit, synthetic sleeping bag and climbing kit (cat B) would be $10 hire and $30 deposit, synthetic sleeping bag, backpack and ski gear (cat C) would be $15 hire and $45 deposit. The charge for group gear on climbing and canyoning trips is additional to the fee for any personal gear hired.

Contribution for group gear on club trips

The club no longer charges fees for the following group gear: rock climbing group gear (dynamic ropes, quickdraws, lead climbing protection), canyoning group gear (static ropes, slings etc.).

Private trips

Please note there are some restrictions on private gear hire:

  • Club trips get priority
  • No rope or trad rack hire
  • No EPIRB hire
Items available Fee Deposit
Rain jackets $10 $20
Backpack $10 $20
Tarps $10 $20
Snow tents $20 $40
Bushwalking tents $20 $40
Car camping tents $10 $20
Sleeping bags $10 $20
Stoves $10 $20
Bike panniers and rack $10 $20
Car Bike Rack $10 $20
Climbing or canyoning harness and belay device $10 $20
Skis, Boots and Poles $30 $60
Skis only $20 $40
Ski boots only $20 $40
Mntneering outfit (complete) $30 $60
Mntneering boots $20 $50
Crampons $10 $20
Ice axe $10 $20
Ice hammer $10 $20
Snow pro (eg. screws) $10 $20
Snowshoes $20 $40
Snow shovel $10 $20
Food dehydrator $10 $20
Books/magazines Free $20
Helmet $10 $20
Avalanche transeivers (pair) $30 $60
Water purifier $10 $20
Radios (pair) $10 $20
Bike lights $10 $20
Bouldering mat $20 $40
GPS $10 $20
Rechargeable Batteries and Charger Free $20

The hire rate and deposit are determined by adding the cost of the individual items, with a cap of $60 being applied for weekly private hire fees, and a cap of $120 for deposits. Rates are negotiable with the gear store officers for hires longer than a week.