Hire rules


  • Maintain 1.5m social distancing
  • Please hold pre-trip meetings outside gear store to minimise the numbers in the store
  • Be ready to hire gear by 6pm
  • Use hand sanitiser before handling gear
  • Please do not come to the gear store if you are ill or have been to a hot spot in the previous 14 days.


Can't return your gear on time?

Email the gear store officers regarding your situation and ask for an extension: gear-store@anumc.org.au


Gear Hire Rules

    • Gear is available on a first-come first-served basis. Only pre-organised club trips may pre-book gear.
    • Club trips have priority over private trips as follows:
      • club members on club trips,
      • then club members on private trips, and 
      • then non-club members.
    • A member may hire gear for only one other person. The private hire rate will apply for that gear.
    • A member hiring gear on behalf of a non-member takes responsibility for that gear.
    • If a club trip is canceled, hire fees will be refunded.
    • The hire period is one week but may be extended at the discretion of the gear store officer.
      • Gear is normally hired out on Thursday and returned the following Tuesday.
      • Gear may be hired for an extended period during semester/year breaks, and periods of low demand.
      • If gear is hired over an extended period, the hire rate may be reduced by at the discretion of the gear store officer. The deposit will not be reduced.
      • Gear returned late will be charged at the hire fee for each additional week.
      • Hirers will forfeit their deposit or may have borrowing privileges suspended if gear is lost or returned late.
      • Gear more than one month overdue will be considered stolen. Hirers who steal gear will have their borrowing privileges suspended and will be reported to the Exec.
      • Gear hire period will not be extended during high demand periods.
    • The hirer is responsible for the care and return of gear. Gear must be used in accordance with manufacturer's instructions or guidance provided by a gear store officer or trip leader.
    • Gear must be returned complete, clean, dry, and ready for use. Hirers will forfeit their deposit or may have borrowing privileges suspended if gear is returned incomplete, wet or damaged.
      • Boots are to be returned clean and dry (Non-plastic mountaineering and leather boots should be snowsealed. There is a tin of Snowseal wax in the gear store and people will be required to snowseal the boots before they receive their deposit.)
    • PLBs may be hired for private trips. Safety details and rescue procedure should be centrally recorded on the club website, by posting a trip with 'status' set to 'closed' (so it does not appear on the trip calendar).
    • Gear must be inspected for damage before hiring, otherwise the damage will be attributed to the hirer.
    • Damaged gear must be reported to a gear store officer.
    • Plastic ground sheets for the tents must always be used.
    • If a member is leader a trip, they may hire gear for that trip, at no cost. Gear store officers and activity officers also receive free hire, for club trips only.
    • When retiring any gear, the activity officer needs to inform both 1) a gear store officer (so they can update the database) and 2) the committee at the next committee meeting, as part of their activity officer update.
      • Retired, safety-critical gear can be donated, but the attached form must be completed and given to the recipient.

    [Reviewed 2021]