6/12 Hr rogaine - Bungonia Caves!!!!

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Start date: 
Saturday, 20 May 2017 - 11:00am

Rogaining is tonnes of fun - In teams of between 2 - 5 people, you get to walk or run around the bush, navigating your way to as many controls (think easter eggs marked on a map) that you can within either a 6 or 12 hr time period (the choice is yours). At the end of the game you get to put your feet up, socialise and eat delicious food provided by the rogaine organisers.

This rogaine is located at Bungonia Caves. Bungonia Caves are just outside of Goulburn, so the location is pretty damn convenient for us Canberrans!  

Follow this link for more information and to register a team: http://nswrogaining.org/AboutEvents/Events/17AG/17AG.htm  (I don't get the Karst Irony joke)

If you want to join a team but can't find anyone to join you, let me know and let me know what you want to do: [6/12 hrs, walk/run, have fun/win].




$40 (concession/leaner) $60 (non concession/lifter)
Unlimited slots left.