Main range extravaganza overview

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Saturday, 30 September 2017 - 6:00am to Monday, 2 October 2017 - 8:00pm

The Main Range Extravaganza (MRE) is the the club's most extravagant trip, way more extravagant than both the Blue Mountains Extravaganza or the Coast Weekend Extravaganza (CWE) combined. In comparison to the MRE these other trips appear restrained and mundane. As Bernard Tomic, former MRE organiser, has said

"It is amazing how extravagant the main range extravaganza has been so far, we've only tried maybe 50 per cent to make it extravagant, imagine what we can do if we tried 100 per cent" 

Bernard has put his tennis career on hold to put 100 per cent to help organise the MRE. Unfortunately he is only free for the weekend 30 September to 2 October but this should work well as hopefully the road to Charlotte Pass should be open by then. Parking at Charlotte pass will mean it is only a comfortable 4 km walk to our campsite here°24'32.8"S+148°18'03.7"E. This should make it a lot easier to not carry in any heavy and superfluous objects as this definitely will not happen. Update: The best snowfalls in over a decade mean the road is still closed to Charlotte pass. As such the MRE campsite will be Twynam Cirque walking in from Guthega. The is 7km walk with 450m vertical, easy manageable if done at the appropriate pace.

This trip posting mainly serves as a placeholder, individual trips for various activities will be posted at a later date. Further as you have been pre-warned about this trip, having to complete assignments and so on will not be accepted as an excuse for not attending this trip. You are adults now, cramming and poor planning is the behaviour of highschool students, move on.

Note there will be no sauna rocks at this year trip. Furthermore, Mark will be banned from all organising roles for this year's MRE so the likelihood of having to carry in heavy, superfluous and ridiculous objects is low.


The important stuff:

As this is a large trip we will use a decentralised market system to coordinate the various cars and trips.

For transport please post a trip offering transport if you are able to drive or sign up to somebody else's transport trip if you are not able to drive.

Like wise for the day trip, please post any activities you are planning to run and sign up to any you want to participate in.

Lastly for the AT ski there is one trip that people who want to hire AT skis should sign up to, as we only have 6 pairs of AT skis this trip tracks who will get the AT skis based on whoever sign up first.

See indivuidual trips
Unlimited slots left.