Beginner Surf Kayaking - Broulee

Trip type: 
Sea or Lake Kayaking
Start date: 
Sunday, 26 November 2017 - 8:30am to 9:15pm

A fun day at the beach to swim and/or practice your kayaking skills. The wave height is small, so this is a great opportunity to practice catching waves and rolling in easy surf. 

In order to kayak you must be able to swim and have had experience kayaking on flat water and wet exiting.

We'll meet at the boat shed at 8:30 am, load up the cars and head off from there. We'll have lunch at Broulee (you'll need to pack it as there aren't any shops near by). We'll get back fairly late on Sunday and will need to wash all the boats at the boat shed before calling it a day. We may grab dinner on the way back, depends on what people want. 


petrol, $2 club boat fees
Unlimited slots left.