The Fun Studio is taking shape {climb/paddle/MTB/socialise, play}

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Saturday, 16 December 2017 - 10:00am to Sunday, 17 December 2017 - 12:00pm

I live on 100 acres of mainly grassy woodland, 20 minutes drive from ANU, which I'd love to develop into a resource the club could use for training and/undertaking lots of different activities. I want to make a single-track MTB track around the perimeter (approx 4kms). It won't take much work as it's quite open bushland with lots of animal trails (nice orienteering training). I have a large dam for practicing kayak skills (I'll bring some kayaks). I have a large shed (The Fun Studio) that I've been working on, which will be ready to inhabit by the weekend. It has space for live music (No neighbours, hence the drum kit), table tennis, gym stuff, AND a kick arse climbing wall/cave, complete with lots of mattresses and a big high jump mat to land on. I've got all the materials to build the wall, but would really appreciate some helping hands (and expertise?) to make it happen. Anybody who helps could earn credits that they can use to access the Studio at a later time. If anyone feels like making a night of it, I have some camp ovens we could roast (separately) vegies or flesh in, (or there's Sutton bakery) or just use my kitchen. There's beautiful secluded peaceful camping spots around the property or pull up a mattress in the Studio. Sooooo, the idea is to have a relaxed working bee where there is the opportunity to kayak/MTB/play/ and build a climbing wall. Be aware that there are the usual population of venomous snakes for this Aussie ecosystem, so bring some compression bandages just in case. Let me know if you're interested or need a lift and what activity you're keen on (if any). All help will be very much appreciated and noone should feel that I can't find an activity for them to be useful. 

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work and play near Sutton. Contact Andrew for address details
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I live there
Unlimited slots left.