Surf Kayaking - South Durras / Broulee

Trip type: 
Sea or Lake Kayaking
Start date: 
Sunday, 17 December 2017 - 8:00am to 8:00pm

A day trip of surf kayaking / beach hanging at South Durras (or Broulee, depending on conditions).

If you plan on kayaking then you need to be able to roll (or have had extensive practice attempting to roll) and comfortable with wet exiting. If you plan on simply hanging out, then you need to be experienced in conversation and easy companionship.

A few of us are leaving on Saturday, camping at a caravan park at South Durras and then kayak surfing on the Sunday. We'll head back to Canberra sometime on Sunday. There is also a car driving down on Sunday morning.   

When signing up, let me know if you want to camp Sat night, whether you plan to kayak and your kayaking experience. 

Saturday Campers will meet at the boat shed at 4:00 pm on Sat.

Sunday day trippers will meet at the boat shed at 8:00 am on Sunday morn. 

Kayaking gear will be cleaned on Sunday evening by everyone.

petrol, $2 club boat fees
Unlimited slots left.