Boofen in der Budawangs

Trip type: 
Start date: 
Friday, 26 January 2018 - 7:30am to Sunday, 28 January 2018 - 9:00pm

In the Budawangs there are lots of rock overhangs that are great for camping. But our name for it, 'cave camping', is rather misleading, as they're not really caves at all. In the Saxon Switzerland region at the south end of eastern Germany, which has very similar geology to the Budawangs, they have a specific word for cave camping: boofen (pronounced, I think, 'bor-fn'). I suggest we adopt this word!

So on the Australia Day long weekend we shall go boofen in the Budawangs. We drive down early Friday morning (Australia Day) to the Wog Wog entrance, then walk via Corang Arch to Burrumbeet or Bibbenluke. On Saturday we take a day trip to location depending on interest and weather (suggestions welcome). On Sunday we return to Wog Wog via the Corang River.

This trip is suitable for enthusiastic beginners. There will likely be some short sections of rock scrambling and bush bashing.

Last time I hiked in this area it didn't exactly go to plan. Actually I think it helped earn me a Swamp Monster Award. Let's hope for better weather this time!

Pretrip Meeting Details
Pretrip date: 
Tuesday, 23 January 2018 - 6:00pm
Pretrip location: 
Gear store (note the pre-trip is TUESDAY)
Fuel $30?
Intended plan: 
Day 1: Via Corang Peak and Corang Arch to Burrumbeet Brook or Bibbenluke Mountain. Day 2: Side trip to Monolith Valley via Mt Cole/Owen Day 3: Back to Wog Wog via Corang River If no water around, shorten to a 2-day trip camping at Corang River
Departure and intended return times: 
Depart ANU 7:30 Friday morning, return Sunday evening
Local knowledge: 
I have hiked several parts of the Budawangs, including from the Wog Wog entrance, though not all the way in to Bibbenluke before
2 slots left.