Andrew's coming out workshop

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Saturday, 30 June 2018 - 2:00pm to Sunday, 1 July 2018 - 6:30pm

Come out to my place for (potentially)  bouldering/kayaking/Mountain biking/orienteering/bushwalking/bush kitchening/music/games, etc. My place is 100 acres of private, mostly bird and marsupial-infested native woodland. It's 20 minutes from ANU (in light traffic). I'm building a climbing wall/cave in my Fun Studio and could use some help (ideally someone with wall construction experience, or engineering skills, but any help would be useful). I've got some scaffolding set up so an interim cave will be ready this weekend, with high jump mat and mattresses to flop onto. I'd also like to establish a MTB single track around the perimeter (approx 4km) which would involve moving some fallen/low shrubbery and scoping a few creekbeds. If there's any interest, I will bring out a few kayaks to play on the dam. The understory is such that it's ideal for orienteering. If someone wanted to place a few waypoints for a future training/event they're welcome. And it's just a nice place to relax, take a walk and read a book. BUT, anyone who puts in some work will receive credits for access to the property and the Fun Studio (even raking up stuff or cooking will qualify for credits). The Studio has couches, piano, drums, microphone, acoustic guitar amp, percussion stuff, darts, table tennis, board games, sound system, etc. Oh, and heating and a gym. I know there's some talented (and budding) musicians in the club, so bring a musical instrument and test the acoustics. I also have plenty of wood to burn and a collection of camp ovens and jaffle irons if anyone feels like practicing/teaching or just demonstrating their camp kitchen skills. There's plenty of (clean) mattresses to sleep on, in your tent, the Studio or the house. 

It's sort of like a pre-house warming, workshop, bonfire(?), workout, bushy games event, as there's still a lot of work to do around the place. When I know who's coming out, I'll arrange transport for those who need/can offer it. Let me know what you're interested in (or go with the flow) and hopefully a gay time will be had by all.

petrol from Canberra
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to work on establishing infrastructure for future fun and learning.
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I live here
Unlimited slots left.