Kyrgyz Epic

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Saturday, 11 August 2018 - 2:15pm to Monday, 17 September 2018 - 5:00pm

*** Only sign up to this trip if we have already confirmed that you are coming. If you're interested, contact me (Daniel).  This trip is primarily posted to record safety details.***


We're going to Kyrgyzstan to climb some fairly tall (5000 m) mountains that probably haven't been climbed before. We'll fly to Bishkek, drive a fair bit and then walk for a day or two to reach our mountains. We'll set up a base camp and climb from there for 3 to 4 weeks.

Intended plan: 
Overview of our plans: Fly to Kyrgyzstan and spend a few days organising food in Bishkek. Catch a bus to Karakol (a smaller city). From here take a 4WD (prearranged) to Engilchek village, and beyond as far as we can drive. After being dropped off, hike South down the West bank of the Sarydjaz river, up the Taldybulak Valley. Set up a base camp at the head of the Taldybulak Valley and remain here for around 3 weeks, acclimatising and climbing peaks nearby. The ultimate goal is to climb the tallest peak in the valley, Peak Ushat. 11/08: Depart Australia 12/08: Arrive in Bishkek. 12/08 - 14/08: Shopping and preparation in Bishkek. 14/08: Catch bus to Karakol. 15/08: Drive from Karakol to Engilchek (Inylchek) Village; continue driving to the end of the road. 15/08-17/08: Hiking in and transporting gear. 17/08- 11/09: Acclimatising and climbing peaks in the Taldybulak Valley (see map). 11/09: Hiking out and transporting gear out. 12/09: Drive from pick-up location to Karakol. 13/09: Bus from Karakol to Bishkek 16/09: Fly back to Australia. 17/09: Arrive in Sydney. Maps and more details at
Local knowledge: 
I've been to Kyrgyzstan and Ala Archa, but haven't been anywhere near where we're climbing.
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