AT Skiing around the Ram's Heads

Trip type: 
Start date: 
Saturday, 1 September 2018 - 6:00am to 7:00pm

This trip is for those of you who may or may not have been skiing before, but would like to get out for a social, enjoyable day of skiing. The idea is that we take a day to go skiing around the Ram's Heads, and maybe head over into Leather Barrel Creek if the group feels like it. We would park at Dead Horse Gap, and head up towards Ram's Head Peak (going up east of South Ram's Head).

If you have not skied before, this trip is designed to be somewhat challenging, but totally doable. If you are experienced at downhill skiing, or backcountry skiing, you should have a blast. The trip is weather dependent, the date may change or the trip canceled if the weather is undesirable. You should have at least a satisfactory level of fitness, as there will be a reasonable amount of climbing. If you haven't done any cardio for the past year, you will struggle to some extent. This trip will involve skiing through trees for some sections, if you haven't skied before, you may feel that you need to walk some sections through the snow, traverse down slowly, or sideslip (this is mainly at the end of the trip when we are returning to the car, down near the road).

We will be utilising skins to climb with the AT skis. The process of changing between climbing and downhill modes will be taught to everyone who requires it; it is an important part of backcountry skiing. 

If you do not own AT ski gear (skis/bindings, boots, poles etc; I imagine this is most people), you will have to borrow the gear from the gear store or borrow it from somewhere else, please ensure the gear is compatible before we head out. Below is a list of the gear that you should bring:

  • AT Skis, boots, poles and skins for the skis (skins are as necessary as skis and boots)
  • Rain Jacket
  • Rain Pants (optional but recommended)
  • Thick and tall socks
  • Thermals to ski in (or equivalent, the amount of gear you bring depends on you personally; I've found that when moving, I can be fine in just a single long-sleeved thermal for on top, in reasonable weather)
  • Warm clothes such as down jacket for taking breaks
  • Ski gloves or so (not entirely necessary but highly recommend unless you like numb hands, thinner gloves can work as well but may be uncomfortable during break times or skiing down)
  • Beanie or similar (optional)
  • May want a change of clothes to leave in the car for the way back + casual shoes for in the car, outside etc
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera! Chances are, there will be some amazing views 
  • Day pack (not everyone needs to bring one, this can be sorted out at the Pre Trip)
  • Personal food for most of the day (lunch, snacks, maybe breakfast depending on if you have it beforehand)
  • 1-2 L of water, snow can be added occasionally to maintain levels of water.

It is not necessary to attend the Pre-trip if you know what you are doing and your gear is sweet, though it would be nice to have everyone so we can sort out a few things. If the time doesn't suit, I can meet with you at another time, or even have a second pre-trip meeting for those that cannot make the first one. Meeting outside the gear store for pre-trip meeting, and in the ANU sport carpark at the start of the trip (next to Willows Oval).

This is the first trip I've planned with ANUMC, if I have forgotten something, let me know! I will bring my phone with good offline digital maps, paper maps, compass, PLB, first aid kit, emergency blanket/bivvy.

I can supply a 4wd vehicle that can carry up to 5 people, and I plan to grab a Kosciuszko Parks pass prior to the trip as well. The pass should get a decent amount of use through the season so I am happy to charge only $5 or so for it. Money will be sorted out at the pre-trip, so please bring cash or we can organise a bank transfer there. Bringing your gear to the pre-trip meeting could be a good idea to have it checked if you are unsure. 


Pretrip Meeting Details
Pretrip date: 
Friday, 31 August 2018 - 12:00pm
Pretrip location: 
Outside the gear store
$30 for fuel and car maintenance, $5-10 for park entry (dependent on numbers), + gear hire + personal food
Intended plan: 
Park at Dead Horse Gap, head up north towards Ram's Head, east of south Ram's Head, and east of Leather Barrel Creek. We may head into Leather Barrel Creek depending on the group, and return by coming back over near South Ram's Head, and skiing back down the way we came up. We may not go all the way to Ram's Head Peak either. We will stay as a group the entire time unless there is an emergency, in which a small group may be required to seek help.
Departure and intended return times: 
Depart about 06:00 on 1st Sep, return roughly 6 or 7 pm
Local knowledge: 
I have skied here before
7 slots left.