Vertical Vinyasa: Yoga for Climbers

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Saturday, 15 September 2018 - 8:00am to 9:45am

Hey dudes,

Some of you may know that I've been talking about getting a weekly yoga sesh happening around the climbing wall to help all you climbers out there get "tight" and stretchy for those sends. So Anna, who some of you may know, and I will be leading a one hour session each week. It will be totally appropriate for beginners or those with Vinyasa experience, as the session is not led but taught in a self-practice environment. That means Anna and I will be at the front of the class and we will go through the Vinyasa sequence step-by-step with everybody first time round, with an emphasis on form (i.e. correct posture) and breathing. We will then allow everybody to follow through the sequence and repetitions in their own time. Anna and I will also be following the sequence at the same time at the fornt of the class, so that if you ever got lost you can look at one of us (probably Anna as I'm pretty hopeless!) and catch up to where we are. 

The structure of the yoga session will be really simple and allow everybody to practice at their level. This is an inclusive and accepting environment, all club members are welcome, and a gentle approach to yoga practice focused on what feels right and appropriate for your body at the time is the emphasis. This isn't crossfit, although there will be peaks of intensity that will focus on fitness and core strength as well as general stretching to improve flexibility. 

The structure of the session will be something like:

  • breathing excercises to achieve sama vritti pranayama (breath of equal length) and warm-up excercises together,
  • short core workout,
  • vinyasa sequence 'how to' together,
  • practitioners follow vinyasa sequence in their own time,
  • intensity vinyasa together,
  • warm-down,
  • post-workout meditation and relaxation.

Although we have some foam mats in the gear store which we could use, they're not the best and we don't have access to mats, so if anybody has extra yoga mats it would be great if you could bring them along for people who don't have any. I'll post an update to this on Facebook later.

The day/time of a yoga sesh is not yet determined (so ignore the time below) but it will be during ANUMC's off-peak climbing hours.  I will put a post on the ANUMC Facebook wall with a vote to determine which day people prefer. The potential options are:

  • Wed 7am-8am
  • Fri 7am-8am
  • Sat 8am-9am or 9am-10am

Woo! Let's get stretchy.

Unlimited slots left.