Beginner overnight Kosciusko weekend (Four Mile Hutt)

Trip type: 
Start date: 
Saturday, 13 October 2018 - 9:00am to Sunday, 14 October 2018 - 7:00am

An easy overnight hike to Four Mile Hut.  Four Mile Hut is approx 1.5 Hours from the Mt Selwyn carpark so should prove an easy inward and outward walk.  Just to clarify.  We will be camping at the hut not inside the hut.  So you need a tent.  And it also still a little chilly up there so be prepared for a cold night. 

The plan is to meet at the SRA a respectable 9am Saturday.  Drive to Selwyn.  Walk to the hut and explore the surrounding area.  Get  campfire,  stories and tea going that night for Saturday night then walk out Sunday after a lazy morning.  

Film component:  I do have an ulterior​ motive for this trip.  I am currently gathering footage for a video pice on the Man From Snowy River I have three Driza-Bones for people to wear as they pretend to be rugged stockmen sitting around a camp fire in front of four mile Hutt.  Any other period cloths that you can come up with will add to the effect.  Flannel, jeans ect.  Extra Drizabones will also be greatly received. all you really need to do is sit in front of a fire with a Driza-bone and chill while I take a timelapse of the scene.

It will be a fairly chill weekend with an easy start from the SRA, some exploring that afternoon and a lazy morning or short exploration that morning.  

As a perk I am willing to give a hearty rendition of the Man from Snowy River.  I also welcome others to present a bush poem or ghost story. 

Intended plan: 
Leave from the SRA 9:00am drive to Selwyn car park. Four Mile Hut is only an hour walk so we have plenty of time to explore the surrounding area that afternoon. That night we make a camp fire outside the hutt and get some images that look like they came from 150 years ago. The next day we can do a lazy morning or some short exploration and head back.
Local knowledge: 
I have been to Four Mile Hutt previously
Unlimited slots left.