WW Kayaking Fun Day (and Come-and-Try)

Trip type: 
Whitewater Kayaking
Start date: 
Sunday, 3 March 2019 - 2:00pm to 8:00pm

If you have ever tried white water (WW) kayaking, or if you have never done it but always wanted, then this is the event you have been waiting for! Come along for a fun day on the lake, where after a bit of practice we will play funny and exciting WW kayaking games, and maybe even compete in teams. This is an event for total beginners; absolutely no prior skills are needed! This is also an event for experienced paddlers, who have been waiting for a chance to socialize with fellow paddlers. We will celebrate the end of the day with BBQ and drinks.

Intended plan: 
We will meet at the ANU Boatshed at 2pm on Sunday. We will pack up the gear we need, and then either paddle from the shed or drive to the Black Mountain Peninsula Beach at Lake Burley Griffith. We will start with a Come and Try session for the beginners, while the experienced paddlers can practice their paddling and rolling skills. After the warm up we will play white water kayaking games, which are not only entertaining but enhance our skill levels and build team spirit. We might even create mixed skilled teams and have a friendly competition to raise the stakes. After we get tired, we will finish the day with a BBQ on the beach while watching the sunset and having a good times with our old and newly found friends. After we ate all the food, we return to the boat shed to pack away our gear.
Departure and intended return times: 
Return to the boat shed around 8pm
Local knowledge: 
We know the beach at BlackMountain Peninsula well.
-2 slots left.