The secret to youthful looking skins - we're halfway there!

Trip type: 
Social Event
Start date: 
Thursday, 20 June 2019 - 6:30pm

We're half way through! We need to get the rest of the skins re-glued before the back country trips start! Please help us finish the skins in time for the good snow!  

This is a social event where participants will be schooled in the club's unique 3 step ski skin care routine. Clinically proven to improve the speed of a skiier up a hill, our gravity defying 3 step ski skin treatment helps protect skins against the harsh conditions of the Australian ski season.


1) Cleanse: remove the old adhesive off the skins using a hot iron and some fresh, absorbent paper towels.

2) Moisturise: Apply a fresh coat of glue to the surface of the skis, ensuring a smooth, supple and sticky surface that won't leave any embarrassing blemishes on your skis.

3) Fortify: Keep your skins looking fresh and new for many years to come by storing them in the refrigerator. 

Food and drink will be provided to all participants. Participants must bring their own iron and, optionally, an ironing board. @6:30 pm, this Thursday @ gear store.  


Unlimited slots left.