EOI - Canyoning Training Fund

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Monday, 30 September 2019 - 5:00pm

Do you want to be an ANUMC canyoning leader? If so, the ANUMC canyoning training fund is available to assist aspiring leaders to develop their skills in a formal setting. This year, the ANUMC may subsidise up to three members training through the Australian School of Mountaineering (ASM).

Canyon 2 is a two day course which will set you up as a novice canyoning leader able to lead introductory trips with participants who are competent swimmers and abseilers. Canyon 2 is valued at $500

Canyon 3 is a three day course (Canyon 2 plus an extra day) which will set you up as a novice canyon leader able to lead more complex canyons, or simpler canyons with beginner abseilers. Canyon 3 is valued at $700

The ANUMC will subside $250 for either course.

To be eligible you must have some canyoning experience (whether club or personal), be staying on in 2020, be able to complete the course prior to 28 Feb 2020, and demonstrate the following skills (without supervision):

EDIT. (Pre-requisites changed 7 Sep 19):

  • abseiling using figure 8, ATC or rack; on single and double rope
  • belaying abseilers (bottom belay essential, top belay desireable)
  • self belay
  • ascending a rope using prussick cord
  • leading a small team on outdoor activities
  • an awareness of canyoning hazards, equipment requirements and ANUMC canyoning safety principles.

To apply, enter information in the Additional Information field, indicating canyoning experience, ability to meet the desired skills and whether you are interested in Canyon 2 or Canyon 3 course.

If required, I may interview shortlisted applicants and request a demonstration of their skills.

Applications close 30 Sep 19.

Unlimited slots left.