Introductory self rescue and trad climbing at Reflux crag, Bungonia

Trip type: 
Start date: 
Saturday, 28 September 2019 - 9:15am

Since a incident several weeks ago, I've been keen to brush up on some of the main self rescue techniques used in climbing and canyoning. If you are interested in either of these activities then knowing all the basic methods of self-rescue is crucial in being a self-sufficent team member and leader of more advanced trips in remote areas. The techniques that I would like to practice (although there are too many to do in a single day) are:

1. Abseiling on self belay

2. Prussiking/ascending

3. Placing protection

4. Constructing trad anchors.

5. Hauling

6. Raising

7. Pick-offs

8. Escaping a belay

9. Tying off a belay device either when lead belaying or on rappel.

Additional skills we can go over depending on people's experiences are:

10. lead belaying

11. Top belaying

12. tie-in knots

13. cleaning

At orroral ridge we can practice abseiling off the main boulders and placing gear on easy lines while on top rope.
In order to participate in either practicing trad placements or self-rescue you will need to bring:

1. Harness

2. Climbing Shoes

3.  Helmet

4. 1x Locking carabiner

5. belay device.

6. Warm clothes

7. Rain jacket

Additionally the following items are recommended

8. 3x prussik loops

9. at least 4 locking carabiners

10. Sling/personal anchor system.

11. lunch

12. torch - just in case we end up running over time.

I can hire most of the climbing gear from the gear store on Thursday. Please RSVP early so I can get an idea of numbers.





$5-10 for fuel + individual gear hire costs
Intended plan: 
We will drive out to Orrarol ridge then walk to the atrium (main large boulders) at Legoland. After practicing self-rescue/trad climbing we will then drive back to Canberra
Unlimited slots left.