Belay Course

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By signing up you are stating to the course organiser that you definitely intend to attend the course. If, due to an unavoidable change in circumstance, you are unable to attend, then please notify the organiser  via phone or email that this is the case. It is not acceptable to simply not turn up, or to cancel at the last minute. This is unfair to those on the waiting list, and wastes the organiser's time.

Experienced belayers and ANUMC belay pass holders who want to renew their belay pass should contact me directly rather than signing up to this belay course.


This course will go over belay techniques for new climbers. If you already know how to belay you still need to get a belay pass from us to be able to climb at the ANU gym.
Please read the requirements and description and make sure you can attend before signing up.

Please make sure you have the following BEFORE coming to the course:
1. Valid SRA membership - if you are a current ANU student, just bring your ANU student ID; If you are not a student then bring your SRA membership receipt (physical or email).
2. Valid ANUMC membership; please bring a copy (on your phone is fine) of the email confirmation that ANU Sport sent you when you signed up for the club. The subject line of this email is "Membership confirmation".
3. Belay course form (filled out with as much as you can, with uni ID, expiry, ect). Available at the ANU Sport front desk.
4. $5 to pay at the end of the course.

You must have all 4 of the above, otherwise you will not be able to participate.
Please make sure you are a paid member of the club before coming to the belay course. You can join the ANUMC on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the gear store. See the Gear Store tab for more info.

You must also read the following explanation on how to use a Gri-Gri:

Bring your climbing gear if you have any, otherwise wear comfortable clothes and shoes that you can climb in. Make sure you are on time as latecomers will not be able to participate.

See you at the gym!

Start date: 
Friday, 24 January 2020 - 5:00pm
Unlimited slots left.