Expedition and Adventure Fund - Now Open!

You may have heard of our expedition fund – since 2007, it’s helped to get some awesome and inspiring trips off the ground, including mountaineering in New Zealand and kayaking down Tassie’s Franklin River. It’s also given a lot back to the club - through the upskilling of members, and subsequent trips that increase opportunities for all.

However, in recent years, it doesn’t seem to have met the needs of our members. So, in 2014, we’re trialling an addition – The Adventure Fund.

Whether you’re looking at a challenging and large scale expedition (The Expedition Fund) or a smaller, more achievable, but still challenging trip that’s closer to home (The Adventure Fund), we hope you’ll find some inspiration and put together an excellent proposal.

The details:
The Expedition Fund – the successful application will receive up to $5000 towards making their expedition a reality. Any challenging expedition that is of substantial scale, and will develop technical skills, teamwork and leadership, can be considered here.

The Adventure Fund – the successful application will receive up to $2000 towards flights, substantial fuel costs, buying new equipment … whatever you might need to take your skills further (and work towards one day going for The Expedition Fund). Some examples might be a mountaineering skills development trip to NZ or a more challenging sea kayaking trip.

Funding cap:
We’ve got a cap of $5,000 for the year, so that could be one (exceptional) expedition or a couple of smaller trips - we’ll see what we get.

What we’d like:
A detailed proposal, including (but not limited to): proposed dates, costings, itinerary, preparation and training, number (and names) of participants, and anything else that will make us get excited. See the link below for the specific criteria that we'd like to see.

Giving back to the club:
We’d really like you to demonstrate how you are going to give back to the club, and to document this in your proposal.

So you’ve got the funding, done the trip, what next?
On completion of the expedition, we want you to share your experiences with the club through slide shows, discussion evenings, skills nights - whatever else is effective in sharing your new knowledge and enthusiasm with the club.

Keen or mildly interested?
For more information and Specific Criteria:

Application deadline:
Applications are to be sent to the Executive by 5:00pm, Friday 30th May. The exec will consider all proposals and come to a decision.

Questions are most welcome – please send them to the Executive by email. Individual contact details for the Executive may be found on the contacts page, and email may be sent to the Executive en-mass by using the contact form.

Good luck!