The 2014 Expedition and Adventure Fund - The winners

EXPEDITION 1: Big-wall climbing on the island of Socotra, south of Yemen.

Trip Leader: Chris Elliott (with Euan Brown)
Funding: $2,000
The Mashanig Towers are located on the tiny island of Socotra, to the south of Yemen. They range in height from 400m to 600m, and were only climbed for the first time in 2009. With only one route climbed on the Mashanig Towers, a wealth of big-wall climbing opportunities remain – and all of them first ascents. This trip aims to put the ANUMC back on the table as a serious player in the big-wall climbing scene. The expedition will take place over two weeks in December 2014.
Contact: Chris: cgaelliott (at)

EXPEDITION 2: Exploratory Canyoning, Tasmania

Trip Leader: Nick Ward (with Jess Hancock, Chris Capon, Gab Scheufele + 3 others)
Funding: $700 per club member, with a maximum of 7 participants
Canyoning is a relatively new sport in Tasmania, and the majority of the state’s canyoning destinations remain unknown. This expedition aims to train a small group of 7 canyoners and venture into several promising regions in Tasmania to find, explore, and document the canyons. Some are in remote locations with different geography from where the ANUMC currently canyons.
All members will be required to have undertaken vertical rescue training and also swift water canyoning rescue. With training and short reconnaissance walks to be undertaken first, the actual expedition will take place over four weeks at the end of 2015.
Contact: Nick: nick.ward121 (at)

ADVENTURE 1: Freycinet Kayaking, Tasmania

Trip Leader: Jason McQueen (with 7 others)
Funding: $350 per student and $200 per non-student, with a maximum of 8 participants
This 5-day kayaking trip will allow a range of ANUMC members to kayak from Coles Bay to Schouten Island and back again. The proposed route would explore world-class scenery and the chance to explore a truly unique location. With the large hurdle to such a trip being the cost of the ferry and other transport, support from the ANUMC Adventure Fund makes this trip very realistic. With transport, this adventure will take 7 days and is planned for the summer of 2014/15.
Contact Jason: jasonmacqueen (at)

ADVENTURE 2: Mountaineering Course + Climbing, New Zealand

Trip Leader: Alex Duncan
Funding: $500 per person, with a maximum of 8 participants, however funding will be allocated to students/non-students based on Alex Duncan’s formula (contact Alex).
This trip will feature 2 parts, beginning with a 6-8 day technical mountaineering course, and followed by some ascents of a range of peaks in the South Island. Consequently, this trip will be open to a wide range of skill levels and will be an excellent follow-on from the mountaineering courses being run in the Snowy Mountains over this winter. The two components will go for approximately three weeks in November 2014.
Contact Alex: docdunc (at), or check out the trip calendar.

For all of these opportunities, keep an eye on the Facebook page and the trip calendar for information evenings and training opportunities.