EOI: Summiting Aconcagua

Trip type: 
Approximately $4500 for flights, food, permits, insurance etc. Hire/purchase of gear will likely increase the costs.
Start date: 
Saturday, 15 January 2022 - 3:00pm

Hi everyone! I'm looking for expressions of interest for my trip to summit Aconcagua, funded by the ANUMC Expedition Fund.

At 6,960m, Aconcagua is the tallest mountain in South America! The mountain is located in the Argentinian Andes, near the border of Chile. Our plan is to reach the summit via the Normal Route, the least technical and most well-travelled route. In total, we will allow approximately 21 days to complete the trek. (**Please note, most people spread the trek over 17-18 days, however I would like to allow as much time as possible to acclimatise to altitudes to increase the probability of a successful expedition.)

This trip will be incredibly challenging due to the extreme altitude, severe weather conditions, and high levels of fitness required. As such, I am looking for participants who are fit, experienced with long multi-day hikes, and who are willing to commit to the training that will be required to prepare for the expedition. If you are currently not super fit or experienced but are very enthusiastic and motivated please do sign up! We have the whole year to train and get our fitness up to scratch :D

Participants must also be prepared to commit to the financial aspects of the expedition. The cost of return flights, gear, and the permit is quite steep, so please only sign up if you are willing to commit to the required costs. Funding provided is $720 - $900 per person (depending on whether I decide to take 4 or 5 people), with the total being $3600. 

Here is my trip proposal: aconcagua.pdf **Note that details may change between now and the proposed date.

Please sign up and provide some information about yourself, your experience, and fitness levels. This will be an experience of a lifetime!! :D


Unlimited slots left.