Come and Try Kayaking

Trip type: 
Sea or Lake Kayaking
Start date: 
Thursday, 19 February 2015 - 5:30pm to 7:30pm

Come and Try sessions give members and non-members the opportunity to try paddling with the club for the first time and learn some of the basic skills. Once you have completed a Come and Try session you will be able to attend the clubs regular weekly paddling sessions. Paddlers will receive a skills check list that shows the skills required for easy trips that are more advanced than weekly paddling. By coming to regular weekly paddling you will be able to complete the skills checklist and go on more advanced trips such as easy overnight trips.

The actual session will consist of about 45 minutes on land demonstrating the club equipment and covering safety information followed by about 15 minutes practising paddling next to the boatshed and about 45 minutes paddling around the lake and practising skills. This includes the option of some techniques for capsizing and righting the kayak which is a compulsory part of the skills checklist and essential for any trips beside weekly paddling. This involves getting wet and if the weather is good it is highly recommended that you practice this in your Come and Try session. If the weather is bad or you want to do a few paddles first you can check off this skill later.

What to bring:
- Clothes that can get wet (eg board shorts and t-shirt), and hat/sunscreen/warm non-cotton clothing depending on the weather.
- Dry change of clothes and towel.
- Your membership card (so it can be stamped allowing you to come to other kayaking sessions)

-2 slots left.