Trip type: 
Approximately $60 per-person to cover use of cars/fuel.
Start date: 
Sunday, 30 May 2021 - 7:00am

Expression of interest sought for mountain biking the Thredbo Valley Track from Thredbo to the Trout Hatchery near Jindabyne. This would be run as a day trip on a weekend sometime before the start of the ski season (which will be 05 June this year).

The ride is approximately 35km, mainly downhill and will require a car shuffle. I expect the ride will take around 3 hours with a few breaks for snacks, toilet stops, sight-seeing etc. There are numerous bail-out points in the first half of the ride, but once committed to the lower section of the track the Alpine Way diverges and the best way out is via the track itself.

You will need to have a mountain bike and protective gear suitable for blue-level trails and obstacles. For this duration of ride you will need to bring a small day-pack with any snacks/tools/spares and spare clothing you require, a hydration bladder and/or sufficient water bottles attached to your bike, sunscreen, a packable wet weather jacket and a small first aid kit.

Ideally this trip have at a minimum 4 participants (including the trip leader) and a second car capable of carrying at least 2 mountain bikes. Bike racks are available from the club's gear store if your vehicle is fitted with a tow bar.

The date for the trip will be decided if/when there are sufficient participants and what their preferences are.

Intended plan: 
Depart Canberra at 7am, drive to Thredbo, leave gear and 2 participants at Thredbo, car shuffle with two vehicles leaving one vehicle at the Trout Hatchery, returning to Thredbo in the second vehicle. Ride the Thredbo Valley Track. Retrieve the second vehicle from Thredbo and return to Canberra (ETA around 5:30pm). Toilets are available at 2 campgrounds on the way and Bullocks Flat. Food and other supplies available at Thredbo, Lake Crackenback Resort and Jindabyne if required.
Unlimited slots left.