Kayaking Skills #5 - Queanbeyan Pool - Extra Session

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Start date: 
Monday, 29 March 2021 - 3:30pm to 8:30pm
$12 to cover gear hire, transport and pool entry.

Before the pool closes for the season later this week let's ramp it up. This extra session is for those keen to polish up your paddle and kayak rolling skills.  Priority will be given to those who have attended since the first session on Tuesday 2nd March, then those who have attended 4 sessions, then those who have attended fewer sessions. 

This is a chance for all to get into your favourite kayak and improve your skills before you head out on your next whitewater or sea kayaking adventure. This is not a formal course and there is no certification. We will practice essential paddling skills. Over 6 sessions you will improve your command of your paddle and kayak. In so doing, you will become more confident and capable on moving water and be able to better effect self and assisted rescues. When you are ready, you may even conquer the holy grail of kayaking - the kayak roll.  Please bring the following if you can: water bottle, snacks, wetsuit or thermals or rashie, diving mask, nose clamp (cheap from Rebel), swimmers, sandals or neoprene booties, wind protection such as a cag or other close fitting light weight spray jacket or cycling wind breaker - (you will get cold without this gear, warm clothes change, towel & soap for a shower, cash for your fees. There is also a canteen for the hungry or thirsty.

You are encouraged to attend all sessions in order to progressively build your skills. This course is a good prelude to more advanced sea kayak paddling training that will follow both in Canberra and at the coast.

Intended plan 

There will be two departure times:

Crew 1: Meet at the boat shed at 1530, so we can load kayaks and gear onto our trailer and depart for our road trip to Queanbeyan Pool. We will depart by 1600 and be on the water by 1630. 

Crew 2: Meet at the boat shed at 1700, and depart  by 1715 and be on the water by 1745. Your kayaks & gear will be taken to the pool by Crew 1.


When you register, please advise if

1. you wish to join Crew 1 or Crew 2.

2. You need transport or you can provide transport for others and how many.

Note ; we will return on Tuesday, 30th March for our final session.

0 slots left.