Tidbinbilla bushwalk!

Trip type: 
Approx $10 total: ~ $5 for fuel costs+ ~$3-5 for an entry pass into the reserve.
Start date: 
Saturday, 31 July 2021 - 6:00am to 6:30pm

Join me for a lovely adventurous bushwalk in Tidbinbilla national park! We'll visit many peaks in the tidbinbilla range (Mount Tinbinbilla, 'The pimple', Tidbinbilla Peak and John's peak)over a single day and experience stunning views along the way!

The length of this walk will be 16 kms, with over 1000 m of climbing! Note that for most of this walk, we will be following a very faint/non-existent trail and the terrain will be rough and uneven. Unfortunately, I will only be able to take along experienced walkers who have walked off track before. 

Here is a dropbox link to my intended route marked out on a topographic map, acccompanied by a .kml file:


Please bring:

-minimum 2L water

-sun protection (hat, sunglasses, sunscreen etc)

-lunch and snacks

-head torch +spare batteries for it

-rain jacket

-warm layers (jacket, thermals etc) 

-beanie and gloves

When you sign up, please indicate your experience level in bushwalking and some walks you have done previously if I haven't bushwalked with you before. Please also indicate if you have a car and can drive. 

Note that I may postpone the trip if the weather is incredibly adverse on saturday (e.g. heavy rain and wind )

Intended plan: 
Depart from Anu sport at 6 am and drive out to Mountain Creek Carpark in the Tidbinbilla reserve. Follow the Lyrebird Track uphill to Snowy Corner, then to tidbinbilla mountain, the pimple (if we have time), tinbinbilla peak, John's peak and finally to the fire trial before the camel's hump, which we will follow back to the cars. Leave the tinbinbilla reserve before 6pm and arrive at ANU sport before 7pm.
Departure and intended return times: 
depart 6am, finish walk by 5:30pm (because Tidbinbilla reserve closes at 6pm) and arrive back to Anu sport by 7pm.
Local knowledge: 
I have been to the camel's hump before so I I am familiar with the fire trail we'll be talking on our way back but have never been to Tidbinbilla mountain, Tidbinbilla peak and John's peak. I
2 slots left.