Sunday Sport (climbing) Session

Trip type: 
Petrol to be paid to drivers
Start date: 
Sunday, 8 May 2022 - 7:00am

Come along for a fairly casual trip down to Tianjara, Norwa or Mittagong (still undecided, open to suggestions!) on Sunday. We'll leave early (7am), get a full day of climbing in, and aim to be back around 6 or 7. Numbers are dependent on how many drivers register, so I'll update you as people sign up

This isn't a trip where we'll be teaching the basics, so participants must have climbed outdoors before. If I haven't climbed with you before, please briefly outline your level of experience in your registration.

There will be no pre-trip meeting, but if you don't have some of the necessary gear I'll be at the Gear Store tomorrow night so you can swing by and say hi

Participants will need the usual:
 - Harness
 - Helmet
 - Shoes
 - Safety
 - Lunch + snacks + water
 - Good music suggestions for the 4hrs driving

Intended plan: 
Head to climbing location (will update when decided, probably Tianjara or Mt Alex)
Unlimited slots left.