Cocktails *NEAR* the Castle 2022

Trip type: 
~$15 for petrol
Start date: 
Saturday, 12 November 2022 - 7:00am to Sunday, 13 November 2022 - 6:00pm

UPDATE Nov 1st

The Castle is closed, so we will go to an alternative site near Mt Bushwalker. The walk will be much less difficult, so I'm opening up the trip to more people and dropping the requirement for lots of bushwalking experience.

It's that time of year! Cocktails on the Castle is a long running tradition in the Club whereby a group of us hike to the top of the Castle, dress up in fine evening attire and eat the most extravagant food we can carry. Last time we had pancakes, sushi, cheese platters (including a silver tray), two guitars, a flute, a violin and a table.

The view from the top is stunning and it's well worth the trek!

Leave ANU Sport at 7am on the Saturday. Drive to carpark in the vicinity of Mt Bushwalker, leave cars and begin the hike. Set up camp early and do some day walks to nearby waterfalls. Walk out by mid/late arvo and return to canberra early evening.

What to Bring:
 - 4L drinking water per person + whatever you'll need for cooking
 - Food for two days walking
 - Cooking gear
 - Fancy food for dinner
 - Free standing tent or gear to bivvy
 - Fancy Dress

Pretrip Meeting Details
Pretrip date: 
Thursday, 10 November 2022 - 5:45pm
Pretrip location: 
Gear Store
Intended plan: 
7:00 am leave ANU Sport 10:00am begin walk to Castle from Long Gully Campground Return to Long Gulley Campground by mid afternoon Sunday Return to Canberra by 18:00
Departure and intended return times: 
7:00 Saturday am leave ANU Sport, 6pm Sunday return to Canberra
Local knowledge: 
I have been to the Castle once before
0 slots left.