Skiing Trip Leaders' Get-Together (at the Duxton)

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Tuesday, 23 June 2015 - 6:30pm

If you would like to lead skiing trips in 2015, or would simply like to participate more in trip planning, why not come to the Duxton (O'Connor Shops) for a discussion of all things snow. We will meet there at 6.30pm on Tuesday 23 June, to enjoy their two-for-one pizza deal. *Please register in case we need to call and make a booking.

Please note that if you are thinking of leading a skiing trip this year, but I haven't been on a trip with you, you really need to come to this meeting. We'll be discussing all the general expectations and requirements of leaders, as well as getting our plans sorted out efficiently for the season.

Main points on the agenda:
- For experienced skiers, gauging interest in trip ideas and guidance on when to run them.
- For those who haven't led skiing trips before, guidance on how to run your first trip this season (we can make it happen!).
- For those who want to participate more, getting indications from you as to what types of trips you'd like to do.

We want you to lead trips! As a general rule:
- You don't have to be the greatest skier in the world. Just be generally comfortable with the basics, but you don't have to be fast.
- Much more important are your "bushwalking" skills, eg navigation, first aid and generally taking care of people in the outdoors.
- You don't have to take complete beginners when you lead a trip for the first time. Just sign up people you are comfortable with. You can and should keep the trip size very limited.
- We will give you a complete run-down on where to go on your first trip out.
- Keep it to day trips, not snow camping on your first time!

With the right considerations (group, route, weather conditions etc), lots of club members can lead skiing trips. We look forward to getting you out there this season!

Unlimited slots left.