Weekly Events

  During Semester Outside Semester Public Holidays and Special Events


Mon, Wed and Fri 5pm - 8pm (old wall closes at 5:30 on Wed)
Mon 4pm-9pm
Wed 7am-9am & 4pm-9pm (old wall closes at 5:30)
Fri 7am - 9am & 4pm - 9pm 
Sat 8am-10am​
Mon 5pm - 8pm
Wed 5pm-8pm
(new wall only on Wed)


24 Dec 6:00am – 2:00pm​
27-31 Dec 9:00am – 2:00pm


Tue 6pm
Thu 6:30am

Weekly climbing

Weekly climbing is conducted on the indoor climbing walls in the Sport and Recreation Centre. Climbers must be ANUMC members and have a current belay pass to use the climbing wall. Passes are provided after completing a belay course under supervision of a climbing wall officer. Belay passes cost $5 with application forms available from the ANU Sport front desk. Belay course are posted on the trip calendar or you can contact the climbing wall officers if there are none available.
Whenever using the climbing wall, climbers must display their membership card and belay passes on their harness.
  • Supervised. Supervised social indoor climbing is available during club climbing times. Harnesses, carabiners and shoes are also available free of charge for members. Solo climbers can generally find a belay partner during club climbing times.
  • Unsupervised. Climbers who have their own equipment and a belay pass, can climb during "off-peak" times. There are no wall officers during off-peak times, so climbers are expected to organise their own belay partner, behave responsibly and leave the wall in a tidy state. When climbing at off-peak times climbers must still sign in at the SRA front desk and show their belay pass.

Weekly kayaking

Regular social paddles depart from the ANU boatshed on Sullivan’s Creek. These sessions are ideal for developing skills and confidence before participating in weekend trips further afield. Beginner paddlers will be supervised and must demonstrate their ability to exit an upturned kayak before participating. 
Paddlers must bring clothes and shoes that can get wet. Additionally, sun protection and a warm top are also recommended.

Paddling Times (updated August 2018)

  • Dawn paddling. Thursday 6:30am at the boatshed, contact Minh-Tam Nguyen.
  • Evening paddling. Tuesday 6:00pm at the boatshed, contact Tom Brazier

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