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Zoom Yoga with Grace!

Are you missing club trips? Do you miss the climbing wall? Do you miss all your anumc friends? If so, sign up to the club's first online trip, which you can attend from the comfort of your own home!!

It really sucks that we can't meet together in person during this time, but at least we can meet online! Yoga is something we can all do from home, and it can help us get stronger and more balanced in preparation for all our post-quarantine outdoor adventures!! 

Unlimited slots left.

Zoom Yoga with Grace!

Are you missing club trips? Do you miss the the feel of chalk on your fingertips? The way a good crimp feels? Do you miss waking up in the middle of the bush and feeling the cool and fresh mountain breeze when you open up your tent in the morning? Do you miss all your anumc friends? If so, sign up to the club's first online trip, which you can attend from the comfort of your own home!!

Unlimited slots left.

Let's do something about the fires!

Hello hello!

This is just a meeting where we all come together and discuss how we as a club can help out amidst all these bushfires!

This meeting is open to all club members. 

Come with ideas, and your enthusiasm. 

The aim of the meeting is to come up with concrete ways we can help out, and to begin planning exactly how we will turn our ideas into reality!

Unlimited slots left.

O-Week Come and Try BBQ

The Come and Try BBQ is the perfect oppurtunity to make some friends and interact with current and new members of the club!

The BBQ will start at 12:00pm and go until 1:30pm and be located at the Copland Courtyard. There will be food catered to different dietary requirements, vegan, gluten free etc., so there's something for everyone, and all food will be provided by us. No need to bring anything except yourself, a good attitude, and probably a waterbottle so you can stay hydrated.

(Please register so we have an idea for numbers!)

Unlimited slots left.

Zanskar Valley trip: Q&A night in the gear store :)

Hello Hello!

This is just a chill gathering for you guys to ask me any questions you may have about my upcoming trip to the Zanskar valley. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come along! This will be held in the gear store. 

Towards the end of the night, we could also browse some of the books in the gear store to look at the sorts of hikes we could do as training for the trip! 

Unlimited slots left.

ANUMC Awards night (and AGM)

You are invited to the Annual ANUMC awards night. Please sign up for catering purposes! (Seriously, do!)

There will be a number of awards presented on the night including the 'The Axe' award and the annual awards for Trip Leader of the Year, Beginner of the Year and Up and Coming Trip Leader of the year. We will also judge the best photos taken in 2019!

If you have been on a ANUMC trip this year, there's a strong possibility that you could also be nominated for any number of our awards!

Unlimited slots left.


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