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ANUMC Awards night (and AGM)

***We are still calling for nominations to the 2019 ANUMC Executive. See below for details.***

You are invited to the Annual ANUMC awards night. Please sign up for catering purposes! (Seriously, do!)

There will be a number of awards presented on the night including the 'The Axe' award and the annual awards for Trip Leader of the Year, Beginner of the Year and Up and Coming Trip Leader of the year. We will also judge the best photos taken in 2018!

Unlimited slots left.


Attention Mountaineers and Movie Lovers!

The WOMEN'S ADVENTURE FILM is showing in September at Dendy Cinemas and we've been asked to attend!

This is a series of short films being shown on the big screen and they need some love and support so we're
gonna give it to 'em! 

They've even offered us 10% discounted tickets with the promo code ANUMC so be sure to grab them before they run out!

More information about the event and ticket sales cane be found in the links below!

Unlimited slots left.

Dawn Morno on Black Mountain #2

Dawn Morno on the BM is a weekly short walk initiated by Ristian Atriandi. To quote him: 

"Is there a better idea than staying in bed at dawn this winter? Of course there is! Nothing is better than to welcome the first light of the day amid crisp, blue sky and the fresh, cold morning air as the winter fog begins to dissipate.

Unlimited slots left.

Franklin River Packrafting- Info Night

This is an information session for those interested in packrafting the Franklin River in January 2019. It will be held at the gear store. I really just want to gauge interest in the trip and explain what it will involve. You can check out the application on the funding page to work out if you're interested. If you can't make it, send me an email to let me know you are interested

Unlimited slots left.

Morning Tea on Majura

Want to unwind from exam stress but can't afford a weekend getaway? Why not come and join me on my first trip as a Trip Leader! Mt Majura is one of the best bushwalks within sight of Canberra. Although a bit steep, it is short pleasant walk suitable for all fitness levels. We will have fantastic views of north Canberra when we reach the top. Everyone is welcome to bring some tea & food to share.

The Plan:

Unlimited slots left.

Mountain Film Tour comes to Canberra

The Mountain Film Tour is coming to Canberra this Saturday, 24th. This year’s tour includes an awesome mix of short films featuring skiing, rafting, mountaineering, expedition travel, cultural and environmental stories.


As a big thank you to all who contribute to the club, we have four free tickets to give to anyone who has ever run a club trip (including social trips, belay courses etc etc). If you’ve run a trip and you’re not going to TURKS this weekend, send me an email ( and I’ll send a ticket through! 

Unlimited slots left.


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