Trip reports

Arguably, bushwalkers are not always the most elegant outdoor enthusiasts. They don't have the cat-like sinewy leanness of rock climbers, the presence of sleek lines of carbon fibre mountain bikes, nor the sheer Baywatch hair-shake sexiness of surfers.

However, once a year, outdoor enthusiasts from all inclinations within the ANU Mountaineering Club go bushwalking up to The Castle within the Budawang Range, and there don dinner jackets and cocktail dresses for a night of elegance, cocktails and the most delicious food any bushwalker ever dreamed of.

This was a magnificent trip into the Jagungal Wilderness with such a lovely, fun easy-going group of people.

Party: Arius, Tom, Mike, Kamilla, Ana, Emily, Saulo, and Rachel (trip leader)

It was a somewhat ominous beginning.

Buoyed on top of the frothed water by my life jacket, I counterintuitively rolled myself into the white water swimming position (on one's back, feet downstream and high in the water) and eyed off the approaching trunk stretched across the river. Seconds later I collided with it, losing some air as the strainer hit my chest. My body immediately bent around the obstacle, with my feet and lower body getting sucked under and my upper body being pushed over by the strength of the rapid.

Conquering the Sea; or, how very small one feels in a sea kayak out on the rolling open ocean.

Friday 19 - Sunday 21 June 2013
Friday 3 - Sunday 5 July 2013

Course Instructor: David Winkworth
Organised by Andrew Collins
Jessica Hancock
Nicko Ward
Anthony Mann
Gab Yates
Annika Romeyn
Rowan Romeyn
Helen Dulfer
Colin Campbell
Harold Brown
Terry Murphy

A Solstice, A Super Moon and a Mug of Glühwein

Saturday 22 - Sunday 23 June 2013

Jessica Hancock
Nicko Ward
Richard Salmons
Stephen Sheehan
Ian McCrae
Christopher Hunter Lean (and his girlfriend Hatley)


On March 10 as part of the Blue Mountains Extravaganza, our carload (Mika, Colin, Floyd, Emma and myself) departed early for the drive to the Newnes Plateau to explore Tigersnake Canyon - a seldom-visited location.  It's far into the Newnes forest, but in fact only about the same driving time as Rocky Creek - just follow the Glowworm Tunnel Road and turn off to follow the Old Coach Road all the way to the end.  About 1 hour 15 mins from Blackheath.  The access trail in turn is well formed, about an hour from the car to the canyon start, and easy going.  The exit track comes into the trail o

Four of us (Dave Drohan, Bruce Barnett and Tom Ruegar) arrived at the Wolgan Camping area late Friday night. Using Dave's big beastie we crossed the river (not to be done with my  Subaru AWD) and found a nice private camping spot close to the gate.

Just in from Jasmine Rickards:

"The weather gods smiled on us weekend warriors. Our team of a snow shoeing bum skier, and 3 skiers circumnavigated Blue lake, watched head torches twinkle all over main range and drank whisky and ginger wine in our snow cave."

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