Climbing Wall

The ANU has two indoor climbing walls—the inclined "new" wall with coloured grips and the "old" wall with embedded rock grips. They are located in the main sports hall in the ANU gym.


Before climbing at the ANU wall you must

  1. be a paid club member
  2. have a current belay pass

Belay passes

All climbers must have a belay pass before climbing. Belay passes from other climbing gyms are not a substitute. To get a belay pass climbers must be ANUMC members and have complete belay training under supervision of a climbing wall officer. Passes cost $5 which must be paid prior to receiving a belay pass. Forms are available at the ANU Sport front desk. Belay course are normally scheduled at the start of semester and posted on the trip calendar. At other times belay courses are run on and ad-hoc basis or by prior arrangement with a climbing wall officer. If there are no belay courses on the trip calendar, contact the wall officers by asking on facebook or by emailing. Experienced climbers who can already belay should contact the climbing wall officers to organise a quick evaluation.


After the belay course, climbers will need to have their belay card displayed on their harness in order to use the wall. There are protective card-sized sleeves, hole punches and rubber bands at the climbing wall and gear store to assist in protecting the cards and securing them to your harness. As part of our COVID safe policy we also require climbers to book their sessions via this form.

Club Climbing Times

The ANUMC runs a number of scheduled indoor climbing nights, which are free for members. Times can be found in the weekly events page, or in this calendar.  These sessions are great for meeting and socialising, keeping fit and learning new skills and techniques. Climbers without a belay partner can generally find someone to climb with during club climbing times. During club sessions harnesses and shoes are available for use free of charge. Due to the loss of locking carabiners in recent months, members relying on club gear are advised to bring one or two climbing-rated locking carabiners with them, as it is unlikely that sufficient carabiners will be available.

Off-Peak Climbing Times

ANUMC Climbers who have their own equipment and a belay pass, can climb during "off-peak" times. There are no wall officers present at off-peak sessions, so climbers are expected to organise their own belay partner, behave responsibly and leave the wall in a tidy state. When climbing at off-peak times climbers must show their belay pass, and sweep the floor clean of chalk at the end of the session.

Private Bookings

Club members with belay passes can also book the climbing wall for private use. To book, two club members with belay passes must visit the ANU Sport front desk. No supervision is provided for private bookings, and club gear will generally not be available. Members who book the wall are responsible for sweeping chalk off the floor at the end of their booking.